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Community Projects

EarthTeam,  Groundwork Richmond, National Park Service, FORG (Friends of the Richmond Greenway), Richmond Green Tours and Unity Park. 

Green Screen TV

EarthTeam Multimedia Coordinator

From 2005- 2012, I served as the Multimedia Director for EarthTeam Environmental Network, based in Berkeley, CA.  The mission of EarthTeam is to support teachers to become environmental educators.  I produced a half-hour teen news show, The Green Screen TV,  about environmental issues and documenting EarthTeam’s work. The program was featured on 10 cable stations around the SF Bay for 4 and a half years. 

Groundwork Richmond 


Metal Arts, Murals & Multimedia

I have served on the Board of Directors for Groundwork Richmond since its inception and our Green Screen Team was the  “green team” for that organization during its first year as a recognized entity in Richmond. The partnership included work with the National Park Service rangers as well as the local school district, West Contra Costa Unified School District and STOP.

Rosie the Riveter National Park Service

Green Screen Youth Media Report

National Park Service  Ranger, Matt Holmes, introduced the new Groundwork Richmond Green Team, also the students in STOP, under he supervision of Pedro Lespier, and GWR Executive Director, Sarah Calderon.    The Green Screen Youth Media continues its documentation of GroundWork Richmond's projects on the Greenway, tree planting around the city with Richmond Trees and the Parks and Landscaping Department.

Richmond Green Tours

Contra Costa College & WCCUSD

Career Development

For ten years, I served as the School to Career Coordinator at Richmond High School and partnered with Contra Costa College to introduce students to career planning.


Currently I work with Contra Costa College to lead Middle School students on Richmond Green Tours:  students visit 4-6 "green sites" on each full day tour, meeting those already working in careers which support "sustainability".   They meet the Mayor and other city staff, tour the Greenway, the wastewater treatment center, a recycling agency and other "green sites".  The tours are fast paced, educaational and fun for the students and hosts.


Since the community work began on the Richmond Greenway more than 8 years ago, I have produced documentaries about the transformation of the old railroad track into a 3.5 mile community park, working with schools, many non-profits and the Friends of the Richmond Greenway. 


These documentaries are featured on KCRT, the City of Richmond television station, and serve as a means to inform and recruit community youth, volunteers and workers.  The Green Screen videos air on KCRT's website and continue to air on Channel 28.


The work has been funded through grants to The Green Screen Youth Media, as part of EarthTeam Environmental Network, Richmond's Neighborhood Public Art and other funders.  The newest proposal is for a series of episodes to feature the work on Unity Park, funded by Prop 84 grant from the State of California.


Unity Park

On the Greenway

Unity Park is a project on the Richmond Greenway, funded by State of California Prop 84.


A grant was awarded to the City of Richmond to work with the Friends of the Richmond Greenway.



Watch the video to meet the partners of Unity Park and see them in action, celebrating their first agreement after several months of meetings,  facilited by Omowale Satterwhite.





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